AussieApts Website

Year: 2021

Role: UX Designer / Researcher

For: Google UX Coursera Certification

Technology Used: Miro, Unsplash, Happy Hues, Adobe Xd and Creative Cloud

Project Goal and Problem: Design A Real Estate Website For People Looking To Find Apartments In Australia. These Particular Users Are Foreigners Who Aren’t Familiar With The Area.


Target Market / User Problem

The target market for this project is busy young professionals who are moving to a new country or area and need help finding a place to stay in an unknown land. They are unsure of the area and want to make sure that they can find a place near their job.

Challenges and Pain Points

The websites that the users usually look at were very clunky and full of information that is hard to sift through on the page. The search tools are hard to find, and the homepage is overwhelming. The users want to be able to figure out which neighborhood is which, so they can get familiar with the area.

The Initial Design

One of the things that I had to do during this project was to figure out how to give the users a lot of information without out it looking too cluttered on the homepage. I ended up creating several versions of the homepage during the wireframing phase.

I updated the homepage wireframes in Adobe Xd, and created a design that was more spaced out to be easier to read. Then I set up the information architecture by creating a sitemap for the rest of the real estate website.

User Testing

An unmoderated usability test was conducted with several users to see how they could maneuver around the prototype, and if they liked certain parts of the website. They loved the search page and thought that it would be easy to use as a real feature. The users also loved the navigation of the website and thought it was easy to move through the prototypes.

Final Designs and Conclusion

This project was a completed as a portfolio project for the Google UX Certification course on Coursera. As I grow my designs skills, I want to change the fonts and refine the color palette for the website.

Thank you for checking out my case study and portfolio. You can also see the full slide deck presentation here. Contact me at or on LinkedIn.