Hometown Bakery App

Year: 2021

Role: UX Designer / Researcher

For: Google UX Coursera Certification

Technology Used: Miro, Figma, Blush Design, Unsplash

Project Goal and Problem: Design A Delivery App For A Home Town Bakery The Doesn’t Have A Mobile Delivery App


Target Market

For User Research, I started by doing interviews with different people from various backgrounds to see how they use food ordering apps in their everyday lives. Then I created different personas from the people I interviewed, and used that as a guide to figure out different samples of users.

The target market ended up being people who wanted to order sweets during the pandemic, but either didn’t have a lot of time to waste or were in lock down and couldn’t go out as often.

Challenges and Pain Points

The pandemic was a unique challenge to this project. Trying to do user research in the pandemic was hard. The pandemic also brought about a unique need for this type of project.

The Initial Design

Lo-Fi wireframing was done by hand for each of the screens that I created for the app.Then after selecting what might look best for each screen, hi-fi wireframing was done for each screen.


User Testing

User testing was done to see what prospective users of the app thought about the designs in their current state. One of the confusing things for me while conducting a user test for the first time was that some people had conflicting views about certain things.

Some people thought the app was confusing to use and wasn’t that intuitive. Others thought the exact opposite. They thought the app was completely intuitive and easy to use. Trying to design for people who were use to food delivery apps and first timers was difficult to do.

Results of The Designs After User Testing

Bakery App Project

Final Designs and Conclusion

In the end I was very pleased with these designs. This was my first UX/UI project. I had never used Figma before and wasn’t sure what I was doing a lot of the time. These designs were a great learning experience for me. I ended up revamping the designs after I watched some YouTube videos on Figma.

Thank you for checking out my case study and portfolio. You can also see the full slide deck presentation here. Contact me at jaismarshall@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.