Tech Is The Funniest Image Placeholder By Far

I wanted to bring you a quick blog post about something really funny-the image placeholder. One of the ways that web developers play around with images on different sites and web apps is to use an image placeholder. Image placeholders do exactly as you think they would do. They hold the space for images on a layout until you put the actual image in the right place.

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Imposter Syndrome And Where I’ve Been

The past few years have been really interesting and really hard. Sometimes I feel like I am suffering from imposter syndrome. I see others who are further along than I am. I have been trying to really hold it all together. Also to top it right on off, even though I have been coding for years with HTML and CSS…when it comes to other programming languages I feel like a complete and sometimes lost newbie.

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I Used the Codepen Design Asset From Unsplash

I used the Codepen Design Asset from Unsplash today on a little self-made web development project. I’m still trying to decide if this blog with be strictly tech or what. I think I am going to do a mix of my life for now, but here is a little tech project I made. This is what I used to make this project: HTML, CSS, SVGs for the background from Hero Patterns, and of course…the Codepen Design Asset from Unsplash.

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Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone! It’s me, Jai-Shirelle. You probably remember my fashion blog The Fat and Skinny on Fashion or maybe you don’t. Either way I am starting a new blog. This blog will be more personal. That is is why it is called Jai-Shirelle.

It will be about my journey into tech from fashion, and some of the same old stuff from the other blog. I also plan to talk about tarot and spirituality a bit more over here too. We will see how this goes because I really have no rhyme or rhythm for this blog.

Photo from Moyo Studio.