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Where Are All The Plus Size Sewing Patterns?

Where are all the plus size sewing patterns? As someone who likes to sew her own clothes, it is pretty discouraging to see that there aren’t that many brands that make plus size sewing patterns. Things are changing, but it hasn’t been done fast enough. I go to the big box craft stores to check out the patterns from the big 4 made by Simplicity and McCall’s and rarely any of the trendy patterns fit me.

For context, sewing patterns fit based on measurements that are different from the clothes you buy in the store. You may wear a 6 in Macy’s, but you might wear a 10 or more/less in sewing patterns. When I was bigger, I wore a 32 in sewing patterns. Now that I have lost weight I wear a 26/28 or XL/XXL. I wear anything from a 16-20 and XL-XXX in regular clothing stores. Most patterns stop at 22/24. I’m almost there, so that means I can either wait until I lose more inches or grade the pattern up.

When I’m sewing my clothes, I don’t have time to grade my patterns up. Also, call me entitled, I don’t feel like it is fair that I have to do that. I want to have trendy patterns in my size. Every single item in the Big 4’s plus size section that goes above a 12 is dreadful. The patterns are often old patterns from years ago and look hella frumpy. The clothes you see in the featured image for this post is from Simplicity and shows the latest hot and trendy sewing patterns that aren’t in my size.

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