Is The Funniest Image Placeholder By Far

I wanted to bring you a quick blog post about something really funny-the image placeholder. One of the ways that web developers play around with images on different sites and web apps is to use an image placeholder. Image placeholders do exactly as you think they would do. They hold the space for images on a layout until you put the actual image in the right place.

This is how you use the image placeholder.

  • First add the special Place Keanu url below.
  • Then make sure you add the size for width and height. If you don’t, the image will just be a square.
  • Then in the options bracket, type “y” for a picture of a young Keanu and/or “g” for a picture that shows up in grayscale. Some of the pictures will show up as grayscale by default.
  • Also make sure you remove the brackets and astrisks.[width]/[height]*/[options]*

For example, becomes…

How I used the image placehold on my Codepen

See the Pen Testing Out by CoderJai (@JaiMarshall) on CodePen.

Check out this project’s Github.