Reviewing Speak Those Things by Chelsea Coffey of The Coffey Break

This blog post is long overdue. I reviewed the book Speak Those Things by Chelsea Coffey a long while ago, and I am just getting caught up on blog posts…so here it is. This book really has been one of the best $14 I’ve spent. If you check the video below, which you can also find on my Instagram or IGTV, you see that I really really really love this book.

It features 52 sets of affirmations for life, love, health, abundance, and more. You could read one over and over again each week or pick a new one for everyday. I love sitting still and picking a moment during the day, usually when I wake up, to set my intentions with these affirmations. They are very potent. If you want a sample of what you will be reading, check out her Instagram @thecoffeybreak or her blog.