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Reviewing Speak Those Things by Chelsea Coffey of The Coffey Break

This blog post is long overdue. I reviewed the book Speak Those Things by Chelsea Coffey a long while ago, and I am just getting caught up on blog posts…so here it is. This book really has been one of the best $14 I’ve spent. If you check the video below, which you can also find on my Instagram or IGTV, you see that I really really really love this book.

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Imposter Syndrome And Where I’ve Been

The past few years have been really interesting and really hard. Sometimes I feel like I am suffering from imposter syndrome. I see others who are further along than I am. I have been trying to really hold it all together. Also to top it right on off, even though I have been coding for years with HTML and CSS…when it comes to other programming languages I feel like a complete and sometimes lost newbie.

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