Imposter Syndrome And Where I’ve Been

The past few years have been really interesting and really hard. Sometimes I feel like I am suffering from imposter syndrome. I see others who are further along than I am. I have been trying to really hold it all together. Also to top it right on off, even though I have been coding for years with HTML and CSS…when it comes to other programming languages I feel like a complete and sometimes lost newbie.

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Welcome To My Blog!

Hello everyone! It’s me, Jai-Shirelle. You probably remember my fashion blog The Fat and Skinny on Fashion or maybe you don’t. Either way I am starting a new blog. This blog will be more personal. That is is why it is called Jai-Shirelle.

It will be about my journey into tech from fashion, and some of the same old stuff from the other blog. I also plan to talk about tarot and spirituality a bit more over here too. We will see how this goes because I really have no rhyme or rhythm for this blog.

Photo from Moyo Studio.